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100 years of bijou: Trends from your past centuryFirst published replica formula watches : 22-12-2017Fashion is everchanging. From your boyish silhouettes from the 1930s to the punk-rock attitude on the 1990s, it's shaped because of the present but always based the last.We've viewed jewellery trends through the 20th century, highlighting styles that reflect the wider cultural movements at the time.Have a look at all of our favourite vintage-inspired pieces, which showcase the way jewellery trends have evolved over the past 100 years, and have pleasure in a little time travel with Watch Shop!Fresh and female: Jewellery trends inside the 1910sThe pre-war era was exactly about elongated shapes and exotic detailing, inspired by the ultra-feminine glamour of silent celebrities. Platinum was a popular materials for creating jewellery, which did the trick while using white colour selection that dominated the fashion scene at the time. Ladies' Guess rhodium-plated necklace (RRP 50, sale price 25)This rhodium-plated necklace (RRP 50, selling price 25) by Guess captures the spirit of the early 1900s, which consists of long, simple chain and feather charm. Pair it with a light and airy white outfit to really channel the age.An inventive flair: Jewellery trends in the 1920sThe 1920s are famous for the Art Deco movement, which used geometric shapes, rich colours, and bold designs to capture the decade's spirit of innovation and frivolous fun. Rich metallic tones like gold and platinum dominated the jewellery scene, often featuring sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Ladies' Fiorelli PVD gold-plated ring (RRP 25)Using its striking utilization of geometric shapes and bold contrast between black and gold, this PVD gold-plated ring by Fiorelli (RRP 25) is perhaps type of thing a flapper girl or socialite might have worn in the roaring twenties. Pair it using a drop-waist dress and a string of pearls to accomplish the design!Unapologetically glamorous: Jewellery trends in the 1930sHollywood was developed inside 1930s, and the fashion scene was inspired by the mega-stars that dominated the large screen. Jewellery within the 1930s was exactly about recreating a feeling of film star glamour, with bold statement pieces featuring large, colourful stones that were contrasted against smaller gems. Ladies' Thomas PVD rose plated Fringe Forward earrings (RRP 70) Both dramatic and beautiful, these PVD rose plated Fringe Forward statement earrings (RRP 70) by Thomas embody the spirit with the 1930s rolex replica . Because of their bold usage of colour and unapologetically extravagant design, you may get red carpet ready and channel your inner Vivien Leigh by styling them with a fitted, floor-length gown.Smart and sophisticated: Jewellery trends within the 1940sFashion within the 1940s experienced a decidedly polished look, with trim tailoring to create neat, complete ensembles from top to bottom. Jewellery trends were equally sophisticated, with gold and diamonds used across bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Brooches that featured nature-inspired designs, like flowers and animals, were also popular. Ladies' Lonna And Lilly rose gold-plated earrings and brooch set (RRP 24) Embrace the 1940s with this rose gold plated earrings and brooch set (RRP 24) by Lonna And Lilly, which is inspired by the decade's utilization of gold and diamonds in delicate designs. It will add feminine detail into a slim-fit jacket and trouser combo , letting you take the tailoring one stage further.Dripping in diamonds: Jewellery trends within the 1950sMarilyn Monroe sang about how "diamonds certainly are a girl's best companion," and the world listened. Jewellery from the 1950s was information on ultra-feminine extravagance, with diamonds taking centre stage. Celebrities sparkled from head to toe, as the rest of society attemptedto channel the appearance which has a statement piece or two. Ladies' 9ct white gold diamond round collar (RRP 385, selling price 192)This 9ct white gold or platinum diamond round collar necklace (RRP 385, sale price 192) epitomises 1950s glam, using a dazzling diamond motif and delicate chain. It'll steal the show when styled against a simple black dress wear, or pair it with something red to get a truly stunning statement.Letting loose: Jewellery trends in the 1960sThe 1960s would have been a amount of cultural upheaval where rules were challenged and conventions were broken. Fashion mirrored the attitude times, from the rebellious mods within their miniskirts to your psychedelic tie-dye clad teens at Woodstock. Jewellery only agreed to be as free, and trends included costume pieces and fun designs. Ladies' Olivia Burton silver plate daisy earrings (RRP 40)Promote peace and love with these silver plate daisy stud earrings by Olivia Burton (RRP 40). They capture the bohemian spirit from the 1960s - pair all of them with a peasant blouse or flowy dress to finish the appearance.Big, bold, and bohemian: Jewellery trends from the 1970sThe fashion scene within the 1970s took the bohemian influences from your 1960s and added a bit of disco-glam, with bell-bottomed jeans, paisley patterns, and fringed jackets seen for men and women. Jewellery was information on setting up a statement, and big, gold pieces were popular. Ladies' Abbott Lyon rose gold plated cuff bangle (RRP 29)This chunky rose gold-plated cuff bangle (RRP 29) by Abbott Lyon comes with a irresistibly retro appeal. The rosy tinge increases the 1970s styling today's edge, which makes it excellent for adding a certain amount of shine for your work ensemble.More is a bit more: Jewellery trends in the 1980sThe 1980s would have been a big decade for fashion. Neon colours, big patterns, and edgy designs were made popular by cultural icons like Madonna, Prince, and Michael Jackson. Jewellery trends followed suit. The replica watches motto was 'more is more' and layered necklaces replica rolex datejust midsize watches , oversized rings, and stacks of bangles were all popular. Ladies' Swarovski metal Impulse necklace (RRP 119)Legendary jewellery brand Swarovski has captured the 1980s perfectly using this steel Impulse necklace (RRP 119). The rich jewel tones and oversized stones are unapologetically bold, plus the purple, pink, and black colour selection features a stone edge.Pretty in punk: Jewellery trends from the 1990sFashion within the 1990s drew from a melting pot of vintage influences, borrowing odds and ends from different decades to develop a look which was both feminine and edgy. Popular jewellery trends included beads, colourful floral statement pieces, and, certainly, the long-lasting choker necklace. Ladies' Juicy Couture PVD gold-plated layered Starburst choker necklace (RRP 60)Nobody does the 1990s superior to Thomas, and you can wear the last decade loud and proud using this PVD gold plated layered starburst choker necklace (RRP 60). The gold stars stand out resistant to the black fabric, which makes it the ideal piece to put on on the fun date.Whether you're interested in the romance from the Art Deco era or else you give in to a certain amount of 1980s glam, most people enjoy a little bit of vintage! Investigate huge selection of women's bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings to obtain the perfect throwback jewellery for your wardrobe.